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Inspired by
car history
we create reality

Precise digital reconstruction from fragment or historical photo

We are a team of creative automotive enthusiasts, making full use of the futuristic digital technology used in automotive design. We have many years of experience of project collaboration with leading automotive manufacturers. With a passion for automobile history, precision and the latest technology, we can design and then produce unique models from incomplete or unusual assignments.

Historical photo
or fragment

Our unique

Digital data

Atractive model
(VR / in scale / full-size)

Our unique
process of digital

We capture and convey the contemporary atmosphere

Thanks to our deep knowledge of digital technologies, we let the extraordinary gems of automotive history come to a life by using a unique and creative way in a virtual reality environment or in the form of a real model.

We are the pioneers of restoring our models in the virtual reality environment! We are able to capture and convey the contemporary atmosphere together with the unique creators intentions, which existed at the time of creation of original cars.

Analyzing of historical fragment

Making of precise digital model

Digital model ready for application

Cooperation opportunities

Virtual reconstruction of unique veterans & Creative production of perfect vehicle models

Thanks to futuristic technologies, we are restoring unique automotive gems in a virtual environment. We are also creating perfectly accurate vehicle models in 1: 8, 1: 4 and 1: 1 scales.

Such virtually restored or physically created original models are an exceptional opportunity in expanding the collections for technical museums or museums dealing with motoring that wish to present extremely attractive and often inaccessible historical vehicles.

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Wooden model on scale (1: X) →

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