200 RS – P6 – Project SIX

200 RS

Czechoslovakia 1974

Car maker Škoda used the sport brand RS for the first time in 1974 for cars 180 and 200RS. The reason for their construction was the fact that the cars which were based on Škoda 100 and 110 were not able to compete successfully with the leading edge in the absolute classification. The development itself was launched in October 1973, took eight months and there were the model calculations made by the IBM computer that were used at that time.

The popular Škoda 110 R Coupé became a construction bacics for the car and as a driving unit was used the newly made engine Š 720s with OHC valvetrain with increased capasity 1772 ccm for the version 180 RS and 1997 ccm for version 200 RS for the needs of auto racing. A more powerful engine was designed in two copies and in connection with two double carburetors Weber 45 DCOE 2 had a performance 120 kW (163 horsepower) in 6000 revolutions for minutes (rpm) and torque 206 Nm in 5000 rpm. During the construction of the prototype a Tatra gearbox didn´t do very well so racing special were equipped with a five-speed Porsche gearbox and Fichtel&Sachs clutch afterwards.

Technical details

Length / Width / Height 4000 / 1680 / 1190 mm
Weight 805 kg
Wheel base 2400 mm
Gauge ( front / rear) 1418 / 1369 mm
Engine Š 720 OHC
Displacement 1997 cm3
Horsepower 120 kW (163 k)
Maximum speed 250 km/h
Gearbox five-speed Porsche
Brakes in front disc Girling, in the back serial drum type (Š koda 100)
Framework steel integral skeleton with a protective frame
Design two-seat sport coupé with a back engine and rear wheel drive

The bodywork of the car was decreased by 150 mm comparing with the serial model, extended by 60 mm and eqquiped with a steel tubular frame which represented a support element as well as a protection of the crew in the case of a potential accident. The roof, tailgate and the outer door plates were pressed from the aluminium alloy, the fibreglass was even used for the lid of the engine compartment and due to it the unladen mass of the car of 805 kg was achieved which made it capable to achieve the maximum speed of 250 km per hour with 2,0 litre engine.

However, FIA was already processing new regulations that eliminated the homologation of racing prototypes and the cars based on serial models should have succeeded instead. The 180 RS and 200 RS became unpromising. Nevertheless, the experience gained during their development led to the formation of much more successful and better known model Škoda 130 RS.


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