Rapid SIX – P6 – Project SIX

Rapid SIX

Czechoslovakia 1935

In the middle of the 30s of the 20th century the first sport cars with aerodynamically shaped bodywork were created in Mlada Boleslav. A new sport car Škoda Rapid Six resulted from the design of coupé Popular Special Sport with rounded fore and flowing back and four-seat car Popular Tudor Special, in a factory register marked as 910 Typ. The word Six in its name marked a six-cylinder engine which was hidden under a notably ribbed bonnet. The basis of the car was the backbone frame of the Škoda 637 K with a shorten wheelbase. Three cars were assembled in June 1934 in the development testing room headed by Ing. Frantisek Brixa but the official certificate essentials for operation on public road network was obtained in April of 12, 1935.

Technical details

Length / Width / Height 4000/1380/1420 mm
Weight 1050 kg
Wheel Base 2620 mm
Gauge (front/rear) 1150/1170 mm
Engine Š 637, linear six-cylinder SV
Displacement 1961 cm3
Horsepower 36,8 kW (50 k)
Maximum speed 130 km/h
Gearbox four-speed
Brake drum brake
Chassis shorten backbone frame of Skoda 637K
Bodywork bias-belted structure with wooden skeleton covered with panels made of alloy

The bodywork had a pontoon shape with a rounded fore with integrated front and back wings and with non-split front window. The rear hinged doors had ventilation flaps nad handles recessed in the recess. The air was fed into the cabin by two slots in the roof above the upper edge of the windscreen. There was a typical fin in the back of the stern, above it there was a rear window and under there was a flip-top lid in the room for a pair of spare wheels.

The most successful of the three Rapid Six cars was the white coupé with starting number 23 which was driven by Antonin Komar who reached the third position in a two-litre category and the fifth position in a race 1000 Czechoslovakian Miles driving twice from Prague via Kolin, Jihlava, Brno, Breclav to Bratislava and back in a common traffic service.


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