Sport 1101 – P6 – Project SIX

Sport 1101

Czechoslovakia 1945

The unofficial initiative for the creation of racing special Škoda Sport became a successful participation of the racing car Aero Minor in the famous competition 24 Hours in LeMans in the summer 1949. The Mlada Boleslav car factory wanted to try entering this race and in September of 25, 1949 the new racing car was introduced publicly by the company.

It was designed as a 966 Sport Type structurally based on a type 1101 Tudor and was designed as a real racing car with two-seat aluminium bodywork. The car had a red testing registration label painted directly on the bodywork. Two pieces were produced, the one with an atmospheric engine and the other with an overfilled compressor. Both they were equipped with identical bodywork.

Technical details

Weight 655 – 715 kg (according to the version)
Wheel base originally 1950 mm, later due to the insufficient longitudinal stabilitylengthened on 2130 mm
Gauge (front/rear) 1200/1250 mm
Engine four-cylinder OHV cooled with fluid (atmospherical or overfilled)
Displacement 1089 cm3 (later also 1221 cm3)
Horsepower 36,8 kW (50 k) without overfilling 47,8 kW (65 k) with overfilling
Maximum speed 140 km/h (without overfilling), 150 km/h (with overfilling)
Gearbox four-speed
Brake drum brake
Chassis backbone adjustable frame bifurcated in the front, with a central steel tube
Bodywork chassis made of sheet metal
Design two-seat sport car with front engine and rear wheel drive

The peak moment of this car became the participation in the race 24 Hours in LeMans in 1950. Due to the fact that a part of the race was held at night, a pair of auxiliary headlights and air vents to the brakes on the front of the bodywork appeared there. The Czechoslavakian team Skoda, consists of drivers Vaclav Bobek and Jaroslav Netusil, did very well and were driving on the leading position in its category in the 13th hour of the race with an average speed 126 km per hour. But the car had to give up the promising race due to the triviality a ruptured piston pin fuse in the 121st lap.


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